Flooring Services

Floors often show natural wear and tear, from foot traffic and weather. Supreme Construction NYC covers any flooring service you may need for your new home or office - we offer sanding/refining, as well as repair for water damage - and we are prepared to install a sturdy custom floor for a brand new space.

Floor Finishing Services

Sanding & Refining

When hardwood is degraded or dulled from wear, our technique will restore them to a beautiful and smooth finish- changing the look of the room. The floor is sanded, vacuumed, buffed. and given multiple coats of finish - we have various coating options including high-gloss or satin finishes.


Supreme Construction NYC covers any aspect of floor repair including weather or structural damage. We offer

  • Broken Floorboard repair
  • Water Damage repair
  • Missing Floorboard replacement
  • Unlevel Floor Repair


Supreme Construction NYC sells all types of wood or laminate flooring - and our technicians are prepared to painstakingly install it perfectly. Wooden flooring offers a long lasting investment; not only does it increase the ambient warmth of your home, but it highly raises the real estate value of your home. Supreme Construction NYC maintains three installation techniques appropriate for the environment of the floor including:

Glue Down Installation - In this method wood strips are glued directly to the subfloor - we use a mild acrylic based glue and check thoroughly for moisture to ensure the best job.

Nail Down / Staple Installation - Solid or processed wood strips are nailed or stapled to the subflooring in random lengths with precise placement and sealed tautness.

Floating Installation Here, prefinished planks are glued or locked together above foam cushioned padding - Floating is a fantastic option for those looking to preserve preexisting multiple layers of flooring - as long as the top layer is thick enough, the flooring will be durable enough to be finished for years to come

Types of Flooring


Wooden floors offer a timelessly warm ambience for homes - as well as being a smooth hypoallergenic surface that proves healthier than other alternatives. Easily cleaned and maintained, it's one of our most highly selling flooring materials. We offer popular stocks such as maple, oak, rosewood, walnut, mahogany, teak, and cherry, as well as many more.


Environmentally friendly, Bamboo flooring is engineered from a grass that is sustainably cultivated; it requires zero chemical maintenance and is incredibly durable. Bamboo has become a popular modern flooring option for those looking for a distinct stylish ambience.


Laminate is a multi-layered flooring material made of recycled materials created to simulate wood - it is quickly and easily assembled through attaching prepackaged segments - making it a quick and easy solution for those wanting a wooden look with little environmental impact.

Luxury Vinyl

An ideal option for high-traffic areas, luxury vinyl flooring can be assembled in tiles, sheets, or plants, and offers an incredibly durable and water resistant flooring option for those who maximum cleanliness is a priority.

More Construction Services

What they say about us

Supreme Construction NYC has completed work for my company in a timely and professional manner. The pride the employees have in their work can be seen in the fantastic workmanship they have provided us. The job was done to perfection and finished on time.image

-Ray Allen-Home Owner

Our Guarantee

Supreme Construction NYC guarantees that we will provide 100% client satisfaction!
We are aware that a happy client will generate us more work in the form of referrals. Therefore, we stand behind our word to our client for a perfectly catered project. We are simply committed to our client's satisfaction whether its a small job or large. We only consider a job complete when our client is completely satisfied.